About Us

Who We Are.

GAWI is borne out of the combined passions and commitments of talented human rights and church workers to change the deplorable conditions of NO WATER in rural and slums through advocacy and self-help projects. Since 2007, GAWI has advocated rights to access clean WASH Services for the poorest people, especially womenfolk, while promoting participatory governance, accountability, and sustainable administration of grassroots projects.
Our objective is addressing root-causes of poverty of water, leverage professional skills of partnering organizations to provide cost-effective portable WASH to the poorest communities that mostly need it.

Our History

GAWI established in Nigeria in 2007 and registered on January 28, 2013 as a non-profit, nongovernment organization with Charity no: CAC/IT/NO: 59261
By the World Bank estimate, 3.5 billion people around the world – Africa having its two-third – mostly in water-stressed areas will not have access to safe drinking water by 2035.
Safe water is a key factor whether babies survives the slums or girls go to school in the rural hard-to-reach African communities.
Water determines if a household grows enough food, or uneducated womenfolk break the cycle of water poverty or create time for human capital formation to achieve their potentials. GAWI keys into these challenges by providing enlightenment, capacity-building and self-support intervention services to grassroots population, especially in the rural settings in Africa.

Our Approach

GAWI has built a self-help Integrated Water Resources Management approach. We facilitate informed planning, participatory WASH research and sustainable water-use, prioritizing wellbeing of ordinary people and women with special need, living in waterless hard-to-reach communities.
We focus on poorest, most disadvantaged, underserved people living in poverty, uneducated women with disabilities, especially infant-nursing mothers, women refugees, vulnerable and other disadvantaged groups displaced by social crisis.