Our Works

Policy, Advocacy & Communication
We advocate pro-poor water policies to ameliorate conditions fostering grassroots poverty and conflicts.
Drinking Water & Irrigation
We partner like-minded organizations to provide low-cost portable water of boreholes, wells, artificial irrigation to the grassroots in dire need.
Community Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH) Education
GAWI educates on water treatment, storage and how water is used within the households.
Water Conflicts Intervention & Mediation
We intervene in water conflicts by mobilizing stakeholders and facilitating negotiation processes and decision-making amongst communities, governments, water-users, managers and policy makers.
Information Sharing, Knowledge transfer & Mentoring
We empowers underserved populations skills through informative training and share relevant information with partners for effective functionability of WASH services to the societies.
Women & Gender Agenda
GAWI strongly advocates the essential roles of women in water supply and resolving its engendering conflicts. Since women are conventionally responsible for collecting water, their roles in project-planning are of a special interest to GAWI’s vision.
Specific & Ongoing Projects
 Women with Disability Water Project (WDWP), an amputee support programme initiated to help rural women with disability in conflict and arid communities.
 Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) project for uneducated rural women of reproductive age 17-45.
 Human Rights & Female Functional Literacy for Health and Water Project (FFLHP) for underserved populations.
 Expanded Water Opportunities for Poor Households (EWOPH) project.
Getting Involved & Volunteering
There are many ways to get involved in bringing water and sanitation to the world’s most disadvantaged people. You can provide your expertise, fund GAWI’s specific project or connect GAWI to your established networks of good people, philanthropies and donors. All our partners have defined roles and expertise WASH and related issues, committing to improving grassroots
lives in Nigeria, Africa and across the world.